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A blog for parallels between Teen Wolf + Parks and Recreation; since teen wolf can be a bit on the serious side, I figured it couldn't hurt to laugh a little.

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04/06, 2 weeks ago


Teen Wolf(as Parks and Recreation)

"Teen Wolf" is a hilarious ensemble comedy that follows Scott McCall (Tyler Posey), an intern at the Parks and Recreation Department of Beacon Hills, California, and his tireless efforts to make his small town just a little bit more fun.

03/28, 3 weeks ago


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Wolves and Rec (2.20 Summer Catalog).
03/15, 1 month ago
Wolves and Rec (2.20 Summer Catalog).
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Anonymous: Is there a way to submit more than one image for a set? Or is there a way to get you to see it if I post it? Also is it okay if I post it, since you guys came up with the idea to combine teen wolf and parks?

since tumblr doesn’t allow submitting photosets for whatever reason, you can combine them into one image to submit, if you’d like. but if it makes more sense for the images to stay separate, then by all means, post it! i’m assuming you meant onto your own blog, right? you can send the link to our ask or tag it #wolvesandrec and we’ll queue it up!

02/17, 2 months ago